Resolute Legal is a National Disability Claim Law Firm. We help Canadians win disability payments from insurance companies and the CPP Disability Program, even after a denial or unsuccessful appeal.

Our Process for Disability Benefits Appeals

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    Phase 1: Investigation & Planning

    We notify the insurance company or disability payment agency you have hired us. We gather information necessary to create the ideal strategy and plan for your case. (1 month).

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    Phase 2: Appeals & Negotiation

    We start your appeal by submitting documents or filing a lawsuit. We conduct all appeals, attend legal hearings and engage in settlement negotiations on your behalf. (2-9 months)

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    Phase 3: Claim Resolution

    We get a resolution to your claim. The possible resolutions include, a voluntary starting (or re-staring) of monthly disability payments, a negotiated settlement, or a final decision from a judge. (2-18 months)

We are a Better Business Bureau accredited law firm.

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How to maximize your chances of winning of long-term disability payments

Written by disability claim lawyer David Brannen, this FREE book reveals the secrets for how you can maximize your chances of success. We show you:

  • How to go on medical leave...and not lose your job or workplace benefits
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The Secrets for Winning CPP Disability Payments, Even After a Denial or Unsuccessful Appeal

Written by disability claim lawyer David Brannen, this FREE Guide reveals the step-by-step system Resolute Legal uses win CPP disability cases.

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Nationwide Legal Help
& Representation

We provide Canadians with limited scope fixed fee legal services in disability benefits claims. We also offer full legal representation in select cases, on a no-win, no-fee basis.  If we can't handle your case directly, we act as co-counsel or refer you to a disability claim lawyer in your province who meets our standards for service and knowledge of disability claim law.

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